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Le Monde de la Musique
« …le son exquis de la guitariste Nelly Decamp… »

« …habile et sensible…un disque original et de qualité. »

Jazz Magazine
« Nelly Decamp est une guitariste dont la notoriété dépasse les frontières de l’hexagone. Son originalité tient à la diversité des influences qui s’y manifestent – musique traditionnelle, jazz, courants actuels – dont elle réalise une harmonieuse fusion… »

Jazz Hot
« Un CD qui tient la route… La guitare classique de Nelly Decamp est bien belle… »

Classical Guitar Magazine - Londres

« As well as performing solo on classical and electric guitars, Decamp is joined on several tracks by fellow musicians Keyvan Chemirani on percussion and Jean-Pascal Quilès on guitars and the effect when performing as a trio could be best described as one of “jazz-fusion”. Decamp’s compositions cross many musical perimeters and each track on this enjoyable recording has something attractive and pleasurable to offer.

I can find much to admire in not only Decamp’s excellent performances of her original works but also in the compositions themselves, which at times, are quite exceptional. This is the first time I can recollect hearing Nelly Decamp’s works and I must say I was bowled over by them. Altogether a very nice and most welcome addition to the evergrowing repertoire for guitar. »

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